Tanisha Headshot SmallTanisha Jackson is a music business strategist and deal broker with nearly a decade of experience in the global music industry. Shortly after graduating from William and Mary Law School, Tanisha set up shop as a consultant and freelance writer, creating vivid copy for artists such as the Four Tops, Bernadette Bascom, Frances Nero, Avis Harrell, Cheri Maree, Spyder Turner, Linda Griner and saxophonist Mike Eyia. A talented wordsmith, she also co-authored the autobiography of Chris James, lead singer of legendary Oakland soul group the Natural Four and producer to John Lee Hooker and Zakiya Hooker. In 2007, she began working with multi-talented musician and producer Morris “Mo” Pleasure. In addition to managing his career for six years, Jackson collaborated with him on several ventures aimed at making the intersection of technology and music more beneficial to high-caliber artists on a global scale. Under Jackson’s aegis, Pleasure secured his first publishing deal with Avex Music Publishing and licensed his “Elements of Pleasure: Elevated” to the Vivid Sound label in Japan. It was released in 2012 to great critical acclaim. Jackson and Pleasure co-produced live shows and educational programs in diverse locales such as Belgium, South Korea, Japan, New York and Connecticut. She also secured several artist endorsement deals for Pleasure, most notably with Yamaha keyboards, an association that continues today. During this period, Tanisha took advantage of the opportunity to delve more deeply into her creative side, writing and producing alone and collaboratively. Her compositions have been recorded by the likes of acclaimed vocalist Dejah Gomez (Stevie Wonder, Miguel) and Georgian superstar Sofia Nizharadze. Currently, “Ms. T” is transitioning into a new phase of her career, taking on multimedia projects that benefit artists as a class in contrast to pure artist management. She is also collaborating with blues and jazz vocalist Zakiya Hooker on a one-woman play honoring her father, the legendary John Lee Hooker. As a speaker, Tanisha frequently give talks about her experiences in the music business, how artists can best prepare themselves for the marketplace and about her experience as a woman in the business.. In addition to her work with artists, Tanisha has acted as a liaison and broker for global entities like Avex Music Publishing and Emmis Communications. While her endeavors take her from the studio to the stage to the boardroom, Tanisha Jackson’s entire professional philosophy is about “making the world a serious playground for artists of all kinds.” Her professionalism, passion for writing and respect for artists elicits work that has been acclaimed and sought after by some of the most talented and respected names in the business.